How To Choose A Siding Contractor in MN

When Choosing a Siding Contractor it’s important to remember that your home is your most valuable asset.  So if you are in the market to add new siding, you are looking for an affordable way to improve the look – and value – of your home.  It’s no secret there’s a wide variety of Minnesota siding companies to choose from, which makes it even more difficult to decide which company would be the best fit for you.

The professionals at Minnesota Roof Contractors, a locally owned and operated siding company that serves the entire Twin Cities and Greater Metro area, understands what you’re dealing with.  In fact, Mark Gerber, founder and President of Minnesota Roof Contractors, knows exactly what questions people have when searching for siding companies, because he answers them on a regular basis as a frequent guest on the WCCO AM 830 Real Estate Radio Hour show and by appearing on The Patriot AM 1280 show All Things Real Estate.  How much does siding a house cost?  How do I choose a siding company?  What type of siding products are available?  Is vinyl siding the best option?  What do I do if I have hail or storm damage?  He’s heard those questions – and much more.

Tips on How To Choose A Siding Contractor in MN

To help you make the best decision when deciding which company is the best for you Gerber has put together this helpful and handy siding contractor checklist:

  • Are they licensed and bonded to work in Minnesota?
  • Do they have insurance verification: Can they show you a certificate/proof of insurance?  Do they have workers’ compensation insurance?
  • Do they offer a warranty or guarantee on their work?  If they offer a warranty, is it transferable if you move or sell the house?  How long is the warranty for? What does it all cover?
  • Do they have before and after photos of work they have done?
  • Do they have referrals and can they give you phone numbers of three people you can call?
  • Ask questions:  When will the project start, how long will it take to complete?
  • What can you do to save money on any of the estimates they gave you?
  • The estimate: Make sure there are no hidden charges and make sure you fully understand the estimate. Did they measure your house correctly and are they including the house and garage, as well as soffit and fascia?
  • The products: What type of siding products does the company offer? Vinyl Siding? Cedar Siding? Fiber cement siding? Composite siding? Metal siding? Stucco siding? When you get your estimate, ask about the quality of siding they are   using in the estimate.  Ask about the differences between the higher and lower quality versions. What’s the cost and lifespan difference between them?
  • Permit: Will they take care of getting the permit – most include that cost into their estimate.
  • Tear-off and clean-up: Will they provide all of that? That’s usually included in an estimate/bid.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List – what are companies saying about the company you are considering hiring?
  • Be leery of storm chasers – those unlicensed companies that show up at your home promising great work for cheap after a storm comes through your neighborhood.
  • Feel comfortable: Don’t be pressured into making a decision, especially if the sales person or estimator says “we can give you a great deal if you sign up today.” A reputable siding company won’t pressure you and will take the time to work with you and answer all your questions.

At Minnesota Roof Contractors, we know that the siding company you choose to side your home is an investment for the present and the future. We work with you to provide outstanding service, quality products and most of all, the peace of mind you want while completing your project in a timely, professional manner.

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