How To Choose A Replacement Window Company MN

Deciding how to choose the right replacement window company to install your new windows may be one of the biggest home improvement decisions you will ever make.  New, quality replacement windows are very important and can save you money on heating and air conditioning bills and modernize your house and improve the quality/value of your home.

Choose The Right Replacement Window Company to Save $$

Do you have high energy bills?  Do you have drafty windows or windows that ice/freeze over in the winter?  Is air seeping out when your air conditioning is on in the summer?  Are they hard to open?  Then it’s a good time to consider replacement windows.  In most cases, over time, replacement windows more than pay for themselves with lower heating and cooling bills.  In fact, replacement windows provide one of the best return on investments of any home remodeling project.

But choosing the right company to install your replacement windows is no easy decision.  The professionals at Minnesota Roof Contractors, a locally owned and operated company that serves the entire Twin Cities and Greater Metro area, understands what you’re dealing with.  In fact, Mark Gerber, our founder and President, knows exactly what questions people have when searching for replacement window contractors, because he answers them on a regular basis as a frequent guest on the WCCO AM 830 Real Estate Radio Hour show and by appearing on The Patriot AM 1280 show All Things Real Estate.

10 Tips on How To Choose A Replacement Window Company in MN

Here are 10 replacement window questions to ask your estimator or sales person:

  • How much do replacement windows cost?
  • What are the various styles of replacement windows available?
  • What are the best type of replacement windows?
  • Are double hung vinyl windows the best option?
  • What’s the difference between vinyl, wood or skylight windows?
  • Can you install custom replacement windows?
  • What do I do if I have hail or storm damage on my current windows?
  • How much does it cost to install replacement windows?
  • Can I save money by replacing all my windows at once, or is it better to do a few windows over time?
  • Are there any tax rebates or energy credits for replacement windows?

There is a difference between a replacement window and a newly constructed window.  Be sure you understand those differences when discussing options with your estimator or sales person.

When it comes to replacement windows, there a wide variety of brands, styles and designs that are available.  Ask to see various samples the window company you are considering has installed.  Most reputable companies have sample photos of before and after window replacement they have done to show you.  This can help you see what a window style you are considering would look like in your home.  Choose your top three styles and then try to find out how each compares to your budget.  If you have a favorite style don’t automatically assume it’s out of your budget.
The professionals here at MRC know that installing replacement windows in your home is an investment for the present and the future.  We work with you to provide outstanding service, top of the line products and most of all, the peace of mind you want while completing your window project in a timely, professional manner.

Call your local professionals at MRC today to discuss how we can help you.

MRC-Tips on How To Choose A Replacement Window Company in MN

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