How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

How much does a New MN Roof Cost?

This is the number one question we hear.  Typically when it comes time to get a new roof, it is generally long overdue.  Fading, curling or missing shingles along with leaks or sagging are the most common things that trigger a call to your local roofer.  At that time price is usually the number one concern!  and rightfully so!

Homeowners here in MN are very price conscious and we do everything we can to explain the variables of your job and how they impact your roofing cost.

We encourage homeowners to get a good grasp on what your MN roofing contractor is proposing when you speak to them.  A line by line written estimate can be a very useful tool.  We’ve unfortunately seen unscrupulous MN roofing contractors cut corners to “win” a job.  Unfortunately your home and your pocketbook can end up paying the price!

Here are the main variables that will affect the cost of your new MN roof.

Roof style    If your roof has gables, dormers, steep slopes, or is difficult to access(trees etc.) the price will go up.  These items extend make the job more difficult and increase the labor time.
Materials    There are many different types of shingles, tiles and surface products available and these will definitely play a role in your roofing price.
Rates for labor   Different times of the year, current market conditions and supply all can impact the labor price and the pricetag of your new roof.
Location    A difficult to access roof or remote area increases the complexity of the labor and can impact your price.
Time of year   A mid summer roofing job can come at a very different price than a winter replacement.  Many times a winter job can save you $$!!

It’s only natural to be concerned about the cost of a new roof but you need to understand that each roof provides its own set of challenges.  Therefore, a set price is not black and white.  But you can get a free estimate from most roof contractors.  If you’re ready for a new roof and need an estimate of how much it will cost to replace/repair your existing roof, call 612-246-3332.  We can send a friendly and experienced estimator out to the location and provide you with an honest quote and you’ll know how much your new roof will cost!

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