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Any time there is a bad storm in the area your house runs the risk of being damaged.
Sometime the storm damage is noticeable.  You’ll see broken windows, dimpled facia, missing shingles, fallen gutters, and siding that blew off.  Other times its not visible (roof damage) and your house can incur massive damage over time if it is not addressed and fixed properly.

That is why it is important to have a trained hail damage contractor inspect your home and be on your side when negotiating with your insurance company.

MN Hail Damage Experts Fight For You!

This is extremely important because, if there is damage, your insurance company will assign an adjuster to come out to your home and report any damages and assign a dollar amount to repair them.  The problem is most of insurance adjusters are in a hurry.  Most storms affect a large area and adjusters generally have a large number of homes to see and that can lead them to overlook the fine details.  Obviously this can lead to problems for you and your home.

We’ll Inspect Your Storm Damage with Your Adjuster

This is why you need our help…. Free of charge we send out one of our MN storm damage specialist who is trained in identifying damage.  We will inspect your property from top to bottom listing all damages with documentation and photographs.  The best process is to have one of our team there with your adjuster.  This will allow an open dialogue discussing the items that need to be fixed.  Unfortunately, the adjuster represents the insurance companies interests and that can sometimes work against you.  But having a pro there to argue for you is definitely a helpful and effective strategy.

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